Friday, 19 November 2010

short days, long nights

cooking with friends
cooking with friends

i don't know about you, but the fact that the days are getting increasingly shorter and nights that much longer - dusk is slowly settling from around three thirty these days - really throws me. even though it's happening year after year. so i need things to brighten those long nights, and one thing that does the trick rather nicely is cooking or baking with friends. sitting in the kitchen and taking time to clean and cut up those vegetables, stirring up a dressing for the salad, having a glass of wine and catching up. these images are from a dinner with friends last winter. (oh, and by the way, have you seen brian's black and white images recently? so good).

also loving jördis' new blog, and luisa's brand-new berlin on a platter.

what do you do to brighten up your late autumn nights? and you friends from the southern hemisphere - could you send some sunshine over?

p.s.: it just hits me: have a blogged these images before? i can't remember, life is a little fast-paced at the moment. if i did, i hope you don't mind.

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suzie said...

Making soup is my comfort, it soothes away the winter blues! And of course shooting b&w :)

Elisabelle said...

I love these images.

This is what autumn is about for me : gathering around a table with little candles, good food (wine of course) and friends.

Mandy said...

Well over here in Australia we are just getting our turn at long days, but we have had so much rain, a couple of days of sun then back to rain ... crazy !!!
I love Brian's photographs, he always has the best food and cafe shots, always makes me want to visit London again !!!

Marion said...

Ah, wish I was in Katja's kitchen again and run down those stairs, knock at your door and say : Hey ! Dinner's ready !

Pascale said...

OH YES, I would love to bring you some sun myself...
i mean, OK, I wanna come in YOUR city with MY sun !-)))))

jana said...

yes yes yes, cooking and dinners that last the whole long evening...and the smell of cake from the oven. nüsse knacken und kastanien pellen, und dann vielleicht nochmal raus in die kälte. gibt's hier nicht wirklich (die kälte), ich träume mal wieder vom deutschen winter :)

Anonymous said...

I love the early nights. In the summer I am out all day and in the winter I have ample time to regroup, bake, cook and invite everyone I know over to feed them.

Kaylovesvintage said...

can i come for dinner...will bring some mucsic and food

Cabrizette said...

Time flies... don't worry Kristina, the sun will be come again ! We just have to wait and share !
Bon dimanche ;)

ibb said...

Love the atmosphere of your nights. Here visiting friend houses is not so common. We still go out...although nights are longer...we are more bar-pub people. But the atmosphere of being with friends is the same.

beatrice De said...

Hello from Switzerland.
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