Wednesday, 14 April 2010


sometimes, life takes you by surprise. the other day i found some expired b/w polaroid film at the back of my kitchen drawer. i have no recollection whatsoever putting it there. a little later it turned out that a friend had a polaroid camera that works with that particular film format and she kindly lent it to me.

the film shows a large white stain on each print (maybe storage related) and the colours are really pale (probably because the films expired in 2002). but i am quite hooked. it may be the ephemeral quality of the prints. or maybe the chain of events that led up to them.


Hope Chella said...

These pictures are lovely!

Have a nice Tuesday,
Hope :) xxx

nath said...

exciting! what a great find!

ibb said...

Great discoveries and experiments.

Jeannette said...

Ich finde Sie auch schön..es hat was Japanisch.
Liebe Grüsse, Jeannette
PS...ist es bei dir auch so kalt....brrr

Elisabelle said...

so cool!!!!
i have to try b&w too!

Anna said...

what a fun find! i'm glad you shared them with us, too :)

E R I N said...

wow these are beautiful!