Tuesday, 13 April 2010

london, here i come

well, isn't that guy in a jolly mood, given the end is at hand?

me too, cause i'm going to london town the weekend after next! it's one of the places i miss terribly when not going at least once a year, better, twice or three times. this time, k will not be able to come with me, but the next london trip shall be with him - and i've got to do some in situ research for that, right?

anyhoo, i'm really looking forward to dropping into the photographers' gallery - i haven't even seen their new venue in soho! - and, if possible, check out the shows and the little birch grove at tate modern. oh, and try beigel bake on brick lane or other great food places. thing is, i will have to squeeze all this around the weekend, since the weekend proper j and i and the cats will go to the countryside - walks, and pub and open fire. can't wait!

so after rambling on for ages, as i do, here's my question: imagine your perfect 24 hours in london - what would that day include?

p.s.: these photos are from an old travel guide i had sitting on my shelf. see that ford next to the double-decker bus? my dad had one of those in cream white, back in the seventies. i wouldn't mind one. - oh, and my london trip will have to include hopping onto an old bus if there are still any. they are dying out, which is so sad.


Cate said...

yes, that's a cute truck- i wouldn't mind having a double-decker bus for that matter. well, maybe just if i lived on a commune and could drive lots of people around.

anyway, bon voyage! i love portobello market, just to go and hunt for some treasures and people watch. a stroll on the heath might be fun, too.

Mandy said...

Oh Lucky you, I love London.... will get back to you on the perfect 24 hours, need to think about that one !!!

n a t s u m i said...

Me too! I love London! I have been there once and I loved tate modern museum! Have fun!

Mary said...

i'd look at 'timeout' online and see
what's on.
then also maybe checkout an area that you don't know very well.
fingers crossed for the weather cause spring in london + sun is just the best place to be :)
have a brilliant trip!!

Jeannette said...

London! Oh wow, so many things I want to see there. You lucky woman!
Have fun! (and take lots of pictures for us to enjoy)

Anonymous said...

you should see the irving penn exhibition at the national gallery - it's brilliant! and perhaps a cinnamon roll and tea at the nordic bakery in soho afterward. enjoy!

Marion said...

i'm so happy you're going.
the tate modern + a dinner at st john's !

la ninja said...

same here. how funny. I go at least once a year but one of my best mates living there has moved to australia (of all places! no offence meant to ozzies, it's just too bloody far.) I'll keep going even if they all emigrate to the end of the earth.

I totally love the barbican and, somehow, the last few times I've end up at the v&a more often than not. if you have the chance, the hampstead heath area is lovely (if rather posh) for a bit of greenery. or, how about borough market (bit packed with tourists if you go late but lovely for pics :) oooh, the serpentine, of course, no idea what's on at the mo, though.

buses are still there, only no chance of "hopping on" them much (unless you're very good at acrobatics, that is) indeed since the open-back ones are a rarity.
bloody world we live in. boo hoo. but don't get me started.

right. so many things to do and see and I gave you completely cocked-up tips in all and every direction, hee hee. have a lot of fun.


p.s. oh yeah, I'd do sunday brick lane, spitafields market (a tad busier nowadays since they've done it up, but still great :)

spudballoo said...

Ooooh having lived in London for the best part of 20 years I'm currently having a love affair with some new places...Lambs Conduit Street (home of Persephone books which I've been raving about on my blog) and many cool little shops...and Exmouth Market (home of so many cool craft and inde shops). I also adore Marylebone High Street these days.