Wednesday, 14 April 2010

corner view anniversary post (1): music


as a tribute to jane's corner view, which is celebrating its first anniversary today, here's a post from last year. thanks jane, for kicking it all off!


lisa picked music as this week's corner view theme. and what a lucky coincidence - last saturday berlin was full of music. a couple of years ago someone must have thought how lucky the french are, having their fête de la musique - and why not jump on the bandwagon, too? ever since, the idea seems to have gathered momentum and there are stages - professional and make-shift alike - in many parts of town where people gather for free open-air concerts. the weather has been good, too (not a given this year, it has rained and rained and rained in june so far), so everybody was out and about and making, or listening to music. i went to see a stage not far from my house in prenzlauer berg. see how everybody was there with friends and family? they were sitting on the sidewalks, on the street, on the scaffolding, on windowsills, on bikes and tricycles. wish you could have been there too!

take a look at the other corner views around the world via jane's at spain daily. what a great idea to make us share glimpses of the corners we live in - thank you so much jane!

see that little guy on his tricycle? he was fast as lightning! (hm - looking at it again, it's not really a tricycle, is it? more of a fourcycle...)


Daan said...

what a musical hapiness!

and hieperdepiephoera for the first year CV!

jane said...

i remember this. i loved looking at what everyone was wearing:)

la ninja said...

isn't a fourcycle officially a little car?

lovely all these pics.
ah, spring festivals and music outdoors. how have we yearned for you :)

Bridget said...

great photos!