Tuesday, 20 April 2010

on music and unusual locations

i promise there will be new photos again soon. there's a roll in my praktica. and i've bought a new vintage camera, which hopefully arrives any day now. more about that soon!

last weekend i had a bit of a meltdown. it's just not enough to have a weekend maybe every four weeks if i'm lucky, and otherwise be working non-stop. it feels like such a rat-race at times, altough i love what i do. it's better than being out of work, no doubt, but i do hope i'll be able to strike more of a balance from now on - it's a process for sure, but i'll get there.

so to make a start, i didn't work late last night, but met friends who took me along to the yellow lounge at berlin's cookie club (they also run a restaurant). the yellow lounge is basically classical music played in clubs - always with a live act. yesterday it was the fauré quartett, germany's most prestigious piano quartett, performing mendelssohn, max reger, schumann and more. i kept thinking - all these hipsters here, listening to top-notch classical music and sipping their beer or g&t, how did that come about? the music was most beautiful. when we left, opinions were really divided. did we like it? i did. some of us thought that the concept didn't really work. all i can say - if you get the chance to catch a yellow lounge when in germany (there have been events in berlin, dresden, frankfurt), go an find out for yourself.

the video above is from a recent album by the fauré quartett for which they re-arranged and played pop songs. not my cup of tea, usually, but i do like this particular track. i would have posted the max reger piano quartett they played last night, but i couldn't find it.

righty-o, back to work.

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