Sunday, 17 January 2010


recently i've been having a right old winter blues and craving colour like there's no tomorrow. in the news they said that we are having the longest sun-less spell since 1964 in berlin - 12 days and counting - and are probably not seeing any sun until the end of the week. i'm finding i'm getting irritable and gloomy, both are frames of mind i don't like. but i'll resort to your tips and read good books, listen to music, buy flowers and try to beat the moody patch. i will!

at the same time, while craving colour, that 365 project got me thinking a lot about what direction i want to take with my photography. i think i'm drawn to a certain aesthetic and certain tones and because of that have started to find out more about colour editing. see, i got that beautiful digital SLR from my family. and i love it, and it has tons of pros. only the colours are a world apart from analogue photography. however, i think i'm finding my feet a bit. do you perhaps have any tips what digital image editors are good, what apps you use (or presets or actions or whatever they are called in any given software)? i'm particularly after settings that give me an "analogue" palette. think pola-colours, 1970s cameras, you get the idea. if you do, please leave me a comment or email me (see column to the right), i'd love to hear from you!

you know what i'm dreaming of (i don't know if this kind of things exists or if i'm being silly)?: a simple filter that i mount on my lens that gives me "analogue" colours. wouldn't that be great? is there such a thing?

oh by the way - i'm not giving up analogue photography at all - i've got two cameras loaded with colour and b&w film at the moment. i love it far too much. i just don't want to believe that you have to go go either analogue or digital, or that shooting with a DSLR means my style has to change, like it or not.

phew. thanks for listening!

p.s.: pictures taken today with my DSLR and colour edited to what i'm aiming at.


Shokoofeh said...

Hey lovely.
First of all, your photos are amazing. really beautiful! :-)

And... about editing softwares. I usually use lightroom which I think is so easy to work with and sometimes photoshop as well. And I think a very basic search under "free photoshop actions" or "free lightroom presets" will give you lots of results.

I know that there are some pola-like actions out there, I will search and tell you later.

But you're right, nothing can replace the darling analog photography!


jane said...

omg! those are my exact questions! i have also asked about a filter. i have photo chop at home, but whenever i try to start something i get distracted by a shiny object... but what i want is the feel that your photos give... anyway if you find out do you mind telling me. i´d really appreciate it. hugs!

ibb said...

I keep my analoguical camera with film. I have recently tried it and discovered why i love it so much. Beautiful photos. We are also in grey.

B said...

I'm feeling the same about the sun-less English winter!
So interesting about the analogue colours! I haven't used an analogue for years, and I'm sure I'm missing out! I got a Diana for Christmas, and I'm going to experiment with it.
Do let me know if you find that filter!

starcakeastrology.blogspot.com said...

exactly too many people limit themselves, like they have to be totally analog or totally digital and pick sides... three cheers for the camera-bi!

banatre said...

I've just discovered your blog and I love it.

trinsch said...

please do share what you come up with regarding the editing (or magical filter, if there is such a thinie :).

i have been considering pulling out the analog camera for a while, but i'm completely out of touch. but i so so agree, that there's no reason to go either/or. both have there pros and cons.

ii-ne-kore said...

wow - that is amazing, so long without the sun. i feel for you! it is a very foreign idea down here in sun-scorched australia...i hope things a cheering up soon.

and that is a really interesting post about getting the analogue colours with digital - i will be totally following your readers' and your ideas on this - as that might be the solution to my problems! i also crave that tone...

kristina - no penny for them said...

thanks so much for your interest on this!

shokoofeh: thankyou so much and thanks for your ideas!

to be quite honest, at the moment, i can't afford full photoshop or lightroom versions. so i've been looking into alternatives. there's gimp of course (http://www.gimp.org/downloads/) and i've found a turtorial how to create vintage/retro colour effects using gimp. i thought this looked quite interesting: http://crazymurdock1.deviantart.com/art/Vintage-look-in-Gimp-61841683

i'll keep looking and am still very much open for your suggestions! :)

kristina - no penny for them said...

ah, have just seen there's even a gimp plugin based on that tutorial, link is here:

Ritva said...

love the first photo!

along with the sun i send you

likeschocolate said...

Sorry, I wish I could send you some sun, but it has been playing hide and seek with us here in Georgia.

isabelle said...

same here, no sun since last wednesday but it is expected on week end ... let's hope (at least the snow gives a little more light to our days !!)

Elisabelle said...

Beautiful pictures!
I would like to see life through my camera too!

n a t s u m i said...

woow, beautiful shots! So inspiring!!

I have tagged you on my blog! Hope you could make it. xo