Sunday, 27 September 2009

sunday inspiration

1. in the sky, 2. STAY, 3. the rustic pear, 4. sweet!, 5. dance, 6. dance, 7. Earth, 8. Untitled, 9. Socks and shoes APC

i know, i know, i have only just shared some flickr favourites with you... but still. hope you like them! aren't those lbd's and dance moves so cool? go and check out the flickr friends who we owe these beautiful shots to (just click on the captions underneath the mosaic, which will take you there).

after having voted, after browsing the flea market, buying some flowers, enjoying the sunshine and pretend-working for a few hours, i'm now listening to coeur de pirate. don't you love them too?

oh one more thing: i could do with a little bit of inspiration for finger food to serve at my party next weekend. if you have any recipes or links to share, drop them in the comments - i'd be delighted!


Ida Nielsen said...

Oh, I love 'earth'; the light, the pose....just beautiful!!

Jeannette said...

Herrliche Musik!
Und vielleicht Tapas fingerfood?
♥ Jeannette

Cate said...

oh, those ladies, their suits, and their moves! super chic.

the socks and sandals are pretty rad, too.

jane said...

was going to tell you a favorite- but i can´t decide. thanks for the inspiration- just what i needed. besos!

Cabrizette said...

well done Kristina !! Friday and sunday inspiration... we love it ! J'adore aussi coeur de pirate ; ) Bises

B said...

The more inspiration, the better! :)

marinik said...

i enjoy it here no matter where and what you post :)

l i s e said...

like very much your inspirations.

Fine Little Day said...

I like the tone in these photos.

urbaNiche said...

love the pear, the pose and the all the pics on this blog. what a fun blog you have here.
drop by sometime i live at

kristina k said...

thanks so much for all your great comments - i'm happy if you are happy ;)

jeannette: danke danke danke für den tipp - werde mir die tapas-rezepte mal anschauen! :)