Friday, 18 September 2009

inspiration friday

1. Untitled, 2. Untitled, 3. fragile, 4. Sassnitz 1977, 5. Gothenburg 1967, 6. Untitled, 7. . . ., 8. Kaugummiautomat, 9. Untitled

how many beautiful photogaphy is out there? it really is very special to be able to share what we see and how this is inflected by our own story and vision. i do love analog photography, as you know, but the world of possibilities opened up through digital media is just so inspiring. so thanks to all those photographers willing to share their gems, your pictures stay with me and colour my world.

have a good friday and a wonderful weekend.

p.s.: the street outside my window is being turned into a film set. time is turned back to 1983, old east german cars are lined up. all set up for a tv series about two east german families in the eighties. they will start shooting soon. i already went out to take pictures of the props last night and hope to get the chance to snap away later as well. (hopefully i'll be able to leave the house this evening to catch my train, i'm off for a little weekend break.) 


jane said...

ok i´m inspired... p.s. i think you should try to be an extra! enjoy the weekend!

Anonymous said...

beautiful collage!
wow, really interesting with the film set, look forward to your shots!
Happy Friday / Ulrika

Polly said...

your pictures are beautiful. and they're all kinda blue which is my favourite colour

my work has recently been turned into a film set too, they were shooting Nanny McPhee sequel and my work was pretending to be WWII ministry of war. Lots of sandbags and such. And very, very big lamps. So exciting. I took lots of photos until they asked me to leave.

Cabrizette said...

Beautiful friday inspiration I wish you a wonderful w.e....Bises

Anna said...

hello, i have found you through ida's blog and i just love your photos! so excited to explore more and to meet a new wonderful photo-blogger.

Cate said...

totally inspiring. love that last one. pink and orange is a pretty combination.

happy weekend!

PROVINS said...

Beautiful... Very inspirational collage...
Is the first pic ceramics??

kristina k said...

jane: didn't work out... maybe next time?! :)

ulrika: thank you, will show you my pics soon (didn't get the chance to go to the lab yet...)

polly: how cool is that! and i can totally see what you mean - it's so intriguing and so many motives just jumping out at you ...

cabrizette: merci! bises

anna: welcome! happy to meet you too!

cate: yes, that one's gorgeous, isn't it? it's by camilla engman (http://camillaengman.blogspot.com/)

provins: thank you - yes, the first one looks like a ceramic vase to me. very scuptural. the shot is by maditi (see link to the right in my "inspiration" list)

Jeannette said...

I love the atmosphere in your mosaics ...so vintage, old school!
Keep them coming!
Hope you had a great weekend and I´ll be back! :)
♥ Jeannette