Tuesday, 14 June 2011



everything's growing so fast! honestly, the photo above is already seriously outdated: the spinach is all gone by now (blanched some and put it in the freezer), the peas in the foreground have almost reached half the height of the supporting sticks and have first light green, almost translucent pods. in front of that (outside the picture frame) there is a row of sunflowers, now almost reaching up to my shoulders, but not flowering yet. the tomatoes at the back are growing into a virtual djungle, we now really have to keep breaking off the surplus offshoots regularly and put in higher sticks for support.

a bit of a challenge: we've got potato beetles. nasty little buggers.

last time i was there it was quite muddy as it had been raining heavily, and sure enough, in the end i had to run for cover when another mighty downpour happened.

in my little 'flower garden' (i.e. some big planters outside my window) i planted some white cosmos, a little wild hydrangea bush and some lavender.

i'm feeling quite energised after a bank holiday yesterday - a good start to a busy week. have a good one!

p.s.: the ground looks rather dry, since i took the photo before my watering round. luckily, that's a bit deceiving, it's a perfect loam soil that retains humidity well. scratching the surface before watering regularly shows me the ground is moist just four/five centimeters below the surface.

(our patch is the one with the many supports, to the right of my baskets and watering can. it's a bit of an unusual concept: many people sharing a big field. our patches are only seperated by small trampled paths.)


cara said...

ah nice, it's looking so healthy! i love seeing these updates :) good luck with those potato beetles.

MANDY said...

How lovely ... and white hydrangeas are my favorite, we had a long weekend here too,but it hasn't stopped raining. X

máni said...

my internet connection is really slow right now, but as soon as i read the title 'garden' i happily waited for it to load to read new garden stories! keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

it looks so good!

jen said...

wow, your garden is gorgeous!

Paula said...

So much happening in this beautiful patch..a lovely blog :)

alexandria said...

The garden looks fabulous even though there are some lows, I think the highs are outweighing it!

ibb said...

Nice! that would be so marvelous to eat what you grow...different taste...I suppose.

gracia said...

I love your garden patch. Am suitably a greenish envious hue, though sorry to read of those potato beetles.

Happy green days pottering.

Astrid said...

This looks wonderful! How fun :-)

Kristina said...

that is so wonderful, I would love to have a little garden just like this!! good luck by fighting the beetles!! :)

la casita said...

Hi Kristina, you've been very busy!
(and still you are : ))
great allotment, full of goodness. I love gardening is good for the mind and for the body!
I have white Hydrangea in my garden, white cosmos too and some more white flowers, I just love the peaceful look of a white and green garden.

la ninja said...

all very impressive, you little farmer lass.

let's see whether you CAN open the attached video this time.