Saturday, 18 June 2011

don't read this if you're hungry (make yourself a sandwich and a cup of tea first)

jam on bread

i do realise that if you don't LOVE food, this blog must be turning into a slightly boring read recently. but i promised you 'random thoughts and inspirations', you see.

might well be that the wind is turning again sometime soon and i'll be going on about philosophy, potato beetles or charlotte gainsbourg. you just never know. i so believe in the versatiliy of the human mind.

anyway. since some of you were asking, here are two recipes for a fig balsamic chutney that i found.

number one here
i shall be giving this one a whirl - sounds and looks spot on.

number two here
ok. this is from bon appetit magazine and has fabulous ratings. but honestly, the combination of ingredients sounds like a bit of a car crash to me. why oh why black and green olives with figs? or am i too much of a conservative mind (ha, joke for those of you who know me in person)? what do you think?

while browsing for recipes, i came across really nice recipes, and it seems not only really nice, but also really useful. lots of basic recipes, simple typography, no advertising, lots of step-by-step images. here are some recipes and chapters that caught my eye:

a wholemeal loaf
how to make brioche
potato recipes

p.s.: while you're at it and if you don't know it already, you should also take a look at xavier encinas' food blog. an absolute favourite.


bicocacolors said...

You had much reason !!!!!

have a lovely weekend!

Fen and Ned said...

Yes next time I will take your advice and eat first :P I'll be back to follow these links after my urgent appointment in my kitchen!
Have a great weekend xx

jana said...

wegen mir kannst du so viel über essen schreiben wie du willst. dieses marmeladenbrot sieht so gut aus. ich will auch endlich die marmeladensaison eröffnen...vielleicht kirsch, oder aprikose...für erdbeer ist es glaub ich leider schon zu spät hier. schönes wochenende und danke für die links!

Mary said...

so inviting this photo!
i'm a big fan of the humble jam sandwich.

suzie said...

yep, no 2 does sound a bit of a car crash, but Oh.My.God. the nice recipes one sounds chuffing delicious! Now I just need fig season to hurry up….

máni said...

i'm glad i just had a sandwich and am chewing on some salad right now. everything sounds so good...as if i needed more food sites to bookmark...

Jenna said...

ooh, kristina! i'm storing this post in my mind and certainly coming back. balsamic fig chutney?! sounds absolutely incredible. can't wait to try it. i've just had all four of my wisdom teeth removed, so i won't be having much other than smoothies in the next few days, but this makes me excited to recover! xo.

la ninja said...

they ARE really nice. ta.
I knew xavier's blog. pretty bloody fab too.

what's cooking, then, with all this talk of food, miss?
my balcony's heaving too. I've got (amongst others) toms (gotten from friends), strawberries (another pressie), cukes and radishes not sure how they're doing (have to check) and my olive tree has bloomed for the first time in 4 years! hooray!

viva la primavera.

Pascale said...

Bravo... I was NOT hungry and now I am !-))

Indigo said...

Fortunately I do absolutely love food, heh. And fig balsamic chutney is definitely something I could get on board with...

alexandria said...

Great shot and I loved browsing Xavier's blog. Thanks for the recommendation.

Briar {Sunday Collector} said...

Oh, that jam looks so delicious right now - and yes, I am hungry - but I just LOVE food!

la casita said...

I can never get bored of your foodies posts! I'm with you about the second recipe of the chutney, it doesn't sound right to me, as I think the taste of the olives will kill the figs, also black and green olive together for me are a no no! not even in a salad...they have such a different taste that often the blacks one overpower the greens one....oh my, now I'm getting boring but I could talk about food for hours.

la casita said...

Ps thanks for all the great links, I will have a look at all of them as soon the repair man (broken shower, but the list is long!) is gone...x

Valerie - nettleandquince said...

That (first) fig chutney sounds so good - yet another reason to look forward to September! Last year I made this green tomato chutney.
I pieced it together from a few recipes and I have to say it was(or rather is - as I have a tiny jar left which I am guarding jealously) really incredibly nice.

cara said...

keep posting food, not boring at all. if anything just a little bit enticing, i think i need some bread with chutney right now!

malo said...

And here is the recipe for kanelbullar:

150 g butter
5 dl milk
50 g yeast
½ tablespoon salt
1½ dl sugar
1½ tablespoon cardamom seeds or 2 tbs grinded cardamom
about 1,3 liters of wheat flour

work it like an ordinary wheat dough. When it's ready split it in two and tuck each part to a rectangular. Spread the filling. First butter then sugar and cinnamon. The more the merrier. Roll the rectangular into a loaf and the cut one centimeter thick slices. Put the slices in paper baking tins and let them rest on a sheet for about 20 min. Then brush with whisked eggs and sprinkle with pearl sugar. Oven temp 250 about 8-10 min. Hope my description was understandable. Happy baking and good luck on your other projects.