Wednesday, 9 March 2011


one evening
one evening

how on earth would i do without friends? not at all, that's how. nadja made us some pizza and lemon cake for afters. so good.

this morning, i met up with paul to talk about the garden. we will order some more seeds here. red chard and lemon melissa, and other good things.

have any of you seen miranda july's new film?


fen and ned said...

I need a friend like nadja, that cake looks delicious!
Good luck with the garden x

likeschocolate said...

Yahoo for friends!

suzie said...

a friend who makes pizza and cake? You lucky girl!

Marion said...

that lemon cake. Huuuuuuuuuum.
Can't wait to her more about the garden, or to go see it ??!!!!

Gina said...

I have a new photoblog and I would love if you had a look :)


Mary said...

that cake looks truely delicious!

i'm been waiting for miranda july's film to come out ever since i saw her interviewed at the berlin film festival.

Googlover/keishua said...

Friends are amazing and there is nothing better than cooking and hanging out.
I didn't know that miranda july had a new film. Must check it out. I really liked her last one.

geneviève bjargardóttir said...

i think this is also such a nice place to look for special seeds: http://www.kokopelli-seeds.com/ - a french farmer friend told me about them, she uses many of their varieties, and so i can say that they make delicious and beautiful vegetables!

i cannot wait to see what your garden will grow into! something beautiful i know <3

la ninja said...

that cake. impressive.
I'm so garden-jealous too...

haven't seen the film yet. you?

MANDY said...

Friends are the best ... I need a "fix" this weekend actually. I'm so excited about your garden, can't wait to see more.
No I haven't seen that film, but it sure is on my list. !!!

jana said...

kuchen mit guss! wie schön. und lecker.
is that film out yet? they showed it at the berlinale oder?! can't wait to see it.

Pascale said...

I am a absolutly BIG fan of Miranda July.
Me, you and everyone we know is on of my favorite. (maybe my best film).
No, I want to see it so bad. it's not out in Marseille.

I might be in Berlin in april ... will you be there ?

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

I have not seen her new film. I didn't even know she'd finished one. Thanks for letting me know. Happy planting!

Cabrizette said...

Nothing better than friends... I agree with you ! Happy w.e. Kristina !

kristina said...

friends are the family you get to choose, right? :-) that cake looks scrumptious!