Saturday, 24 July 2010


the other day, i went to one of berlin's open air cinemas, where we had a picnic before the film started. today it's much colder and rainy, so i'm glad we made the most of the recent heatwave. it's been one of the summer highlights so far. what are yours?

this weekend, i'll help a friend decorate her son's bedroom (already looking forward to the smell of fresh paint, plus i'm sure we'll make a cake to keep the spirits up, so it should be a good day all around), and i'll go to leipzig with a and m to see the neo rauch show. it's going to be a little eerie and surreal, i suspect, but i've never seen his work 'in the flesh' and am quite excited. well now, i'd better run! have a good weekend yourselves.

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Elisabelle said...

Great photos of the picnic! I love the blue tones.

inna said...

lovely photos! looks and sounds like a great picnic. :) and your plans sound great too, have a wonderful weekend!:)

Mandy said...

What great photographs, makes me want to go on a picnic tomorrow !!!

seamus o'conner said...

Wonderful photographs. Your sandwiches looks so tasty.

alexandria said...

These are gorgeous...I like how you do a picnic!

Ulrika said...

These are so great, I love the blue in them.
And thank you for your congratulations. Will definetely let you know when I'm in Berlin next!!