Tuesday, 2 October 2012

art watching (III)

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i've got the bronica back from the camera repair place, and the first roll of black and white film too. very excited to shoot more with this new camera, it's like starting from scratch all over.

i like the theatrical quality of the second (very dark) shot. methinks, finding out which b/w film to use in which light conditions will be a bit of a challenge. do you have any particular black-and-white favourites, both for indoors and outdoors? film talk aside, i've been happy to hear from you over the past few weeks, keep leaving me a little thought, or perhaps just a little hello if you feel like it!

(top: entrance area to abc 2012
bottom: christoph keller's 'expedition-bus and shaman-travel',
presented by esther schipper gallery at abc 2012)


suzie said...

Hello! Love the drama of the second one too…I've almost given up trying to shoot exhibitions on film now, as my eyesight fails with age I can't focus properly at such slow shutter speeds :((
My last post (taken at an expo) I had to shoot with my digital camera, sadly.
Anyway, for outdoor b&w I love Rollei Retro 80s, for indoor Kodak Tri X. I can't ever seem to get what I want from any ilford films I've tried.

ibb said...

Love that second photo...the light, the darkness, the couple...
I have my old cannon with B&W film, hope to go for a walk with it soon.