Sunday, 12 February 2012

winter walk (I)

winter walk (I) winter walk (I) winter walk (I)
a winter walk by the sea. it was a very cold day.

winter is very much here. this morning, we are having between minus ten and minus fourteen in berlin. the forecast is for 'warmer' weather (around zero) and snow. the thing is, i need the snow to go away so i can wear my new shoes. hm.

today, i've also got a little thing to mention that's been on my mind: my friends who are using tumblr and pinterest, when you tumblr or pin any of my images, would you be so kind as to put 'kristina' or 'no penny for them' as credit and link back to either my blog or my flickr. thanks so much for your help (and a big thank you to all who faithfully do so already, it's much appreciated)!


elisabelle said...

lovely walk...
although i can almost feel the cold!

Karin said...

Beautiful shots. Here the snow started again this morning. I looked outside and bam, there it was. And I just told my love how much I was looking forward to spring. Ack! The little ones love it though.

Wear the new shoes inside?

Have a great sunday.

maria said...

wonderful shots Kristina. I have a summer weekend lying behind me
and it is so nice to see these calm winter images here...

stephanie claire said...

quiet and pretty.

ibb said...

Love beach in winter, has something magical.
Keep warm and enjoy those moments of calm and singular beauty.

Miriam said...

beautiful pics <3