Friday, 18 November 2011


kolor lights

first, you are amazing, thank you so much for your feedback on my last post, i was really quite stunned by all the love. wow. thank you. the praktica says thank you, too. she'll get out more often now.

november is a month i didn't use to like very much. grey. very often rainy in these parts. and cold. but this year i like it: the crisp, cool air on my face when i'm riding my bike, the misty days, the mood of 'yes, we are definitely in between autumn and winter'. november has got a certain magic this year, and i like it.

by the way, i think i need a scanner. i love the people at my lab, they are super friendly, but the scans very often have dust specks, contrast is not good etc. i need a scanner that's mac compatible though. any recommendations?

the light above is from kolor. oh, and i like this calendar.


Pascale said...

I love this pic... so intruiguing with the 2 guys behind.
I need a scanner too...

suzie said...

I used to have problems with my lab too….not so much the dust specks but more with their adjustments that were not to my taste. I bought an Epson V500 which cost me just under 100 euros. I use it with my mac and after a little while of learning how to use it properly I am very, very pleased with it for the money I spent!

I am so glad you will be digging out your Praktica more. They rock!

joana said...

love the focus.
i'm glad you like this november. here, however, it's been pretty dampy. i'm not used to all the rain...
please use that praktica more often! i use one myself, and your results are beautiful!