Wednesday, 10 February 2010

seven things

i was tagged by natsumi and shortly after also by temps perdu to reveal seven things about myself. i kind of wondered if there's anything to reveal about myself - that notion seems to imply that i'm in any way mysterious and i don't think i am. i'll try anyway.

1. cutting up apples brings back childhood memories. many an evening after my younger brothers and sisters had gone to bed, my mum used to sit in the kitchen and peel and cut apples in quarters, than eights. and always shared them with me.

2. i wish i was somewhere warm right now. driving a convertible down a coastal road in the south of france with boyfriend would do nicely. i'd wear a headscarf and big sunglasses. of course.

3. i haven't had a really good read in a long time. and i love losing myself in a book.

4. i have a three-legged black cat named riga. we met on the internet, so to speak. she was listed by the local pet rescue place as "child of sorrow". she won't ever cuddle up to you and is very mistrustful. it took me four years to let me give her a proper tickle. i don't want to know what caused her to be like that.

5. i used to speak french fluently. now i speak a leeeetle bit, after half a bottle of wine, that is.

6. i wanted to have red hair and freckles when i was six. i still kind of do.

7. i do most things in life five to ten years later than anybody else.   

so there. oh - do play along if you like. leave us a comment below, will you? so we can stop by.

p.s.: the second photo got posted because i love coffee. but that's not a revelation. 


Ritva said...

well, you know- i really like you,
every 7 things about you :)
great answers!

Temps perdu said...

I also like you;) And all seven things about you. Thank you so much for taking the time.

hannah | honey & jam said...

hi! thanks for stopping by my blog. yours is lovely! i wish i were somewhere warm right now too.

feel free to use my photos for your flickr favorites! I love when people do those, i like seeing what other people find interesting. :)


Denise | Chez Danisse said...

I have childhood apple memories too. My dad used to cut slices with a paring knife and share them with my sister and me.

Emily Glaser said...

5. me too

6. me too.

7. me too!

Anonymous said...

#5 made me laugh :-))
It was fun reading about you and like always your pictures are FAB!

Victoria @ Hibiscus Bloem said...

I'm with you on the drive in the convertible, somewhere hot with my Huzz at my side. My 2nd language always sounds so much better after the 2nd, 3rd etc glass of wine.

ibb said...

Lovely...never is late to do things..
And I am quite near south-west of france and it is snowing...so...better at home with coffee

jane said...


✦ERIN said...

o0o0o my first time to your blog
very nice!

poor riga. i have a cat that was dumped on the highway as a kitten... he has issues too. riga is lucky to have you :)

i'm with you on #7! it usually just means you never take things for granted if you wait a little....


Marion said...

You used to speak french fluently ???? Comment ça ?
My grandma used to cut me apples in quarters for the gouter.... it reminded me moments of hapiness... merci !

PS : your new profile picture is great !

mandy said...

Your photographs are always wonderful. Love your blog. Keep up the great work

Guusje said...

Good 7!

Big kiss, guusje

If Jane said...

i am #7...;))...
great list...

Elisabelle said...

Oh... I don't know why but i haven't seen that post before.
I could have written # 3!
And I'd love to hear you speaking French after two glasses of wine!

\@-@/ said...

#2 gives me a very movie-like image for a minute.

#3 is true to me, too.

#7 is applicable to me on certain places.

a combination of coffee and apple will make me awake for 3 straight days.

n a t s u m i said...

Woow, Thank you so much for doing this! I love your 7 things! Especially, #2! We had a big snow day last week! Very cold... I wish I could get out of this cold weather city and visit somewhere warm!!

julochka said...

i'll rent a convertible and drive down and pick you up w/my scarf & sunglasses. we'll go somewhere warm. we'll be thelma & louise!!

and i'm totally the same as you on #7. :-)