Wednesday, 10 June 2009

beautiful disasters & giveaway

have you heard about beautiful disasters yet? it's hosted by london's fab photographer's gallery as a tie-in to their current exhibition the photographic object and calls for pictures that seem to be 'disasters' at first glance but may be anything from an accident to an intended alteration or even mutilation of a photograph. you can still register your pictures until 14th june - go for it! if you just want to take a look though, do. and you can vote for the pictures in their online gallery without even registering.

i've posted some of my pictures on the beautiful disasters microsite (some of which you may recognise). you can vote for them, too, i you care to do so... in any case, have fun browsing their online gallery, some of the pictures are rather stunning! go discover...

as to my giveaway, the little venice travel guide book, it goes to malo! thanks to all of you for your tips and ideas for my trip to venice and arles - they are all really appreciated! plus, thanks to you, i now have a really good reading list and shall be thinking of you as i lie by the pool and lazily flick through the pages of my book (ha, that was mean... sorry... :)) malo, if you let me know your address, i'll get it off to you (email me at twinklestar(at)gmx.de). i'd like to also include a print of one of my photos. if there's one in particular that you'd like, let me know.


Cabrizette said...

The first one is my favorite !! I love the orange... It's a funny idea this disasters. I'll talk to mr Cil. What about your travel ? Are you ready ? If you have any questions about Arles... i'll try to answer you : )
PS/ Chipperfield is really a good architect... You are lucky to translate this book.. in french ? See you to the corner view.

malo said...

Oh, I can't believe this. Thank you so much! A great reason to visit Venice again. Maybe you'll come back with some tips for me :-)
I'll send you an e-mail asap.